Common Mistakes During Weight Loss Period
Common Mistakes In Weight Loss
At this time obesity has become biggest  problem all over glob. because of busy life style & unhealthy food. 30% peoples are overweight all over world. they try to do weight loss but weight loss is not easy task. This procedure want time ,right nutrition & exercise.

Peoples do all possible task but they did not get results. In all this procedure they do some common mistakes.

But don't worry. In this article I will show you some basic mistakes which we do in weight loss journey. so without wasting time let's see the mistakes.

  1. Eating Few Amount calories or Avoid food 
  2. Avoid Weight Training 
  3. Not Eating Enough Protein 
  4. Not Calculate daily Eating Calories

This are Top 5 or common 5 mistakes which people during weight loss let see the explanation on above 5 common weight loss mistakes.

Eating Few Amount calories

This is the biggest mistake which is people doing during weight loss. people thinking when i eat less then i will loss my weight fast but when they applying above stupid formula then peoples loss their weight but they did  not loss their fat they actually loss their muscles. because when they eat less amount of food then they did not get enough amount of protein and their for their muscles getting loss. also they feel weakness because of incomplete nutrition. and because of incomplete nutrition they fall prey to illness. muscles is very very very important part of activity. when we do any thing means any thing in every activity our muscle is use.and we apply  above formula we loss our muscle or energy. so don't do this eat healthy and stay fit.

Weight Training    

This is another major problem. peoples thinking when we do high frequency exercise with low weight then we will loss weight. but this is not happen. because weight training is important to increase our muscle strength. and when we increase our muscle at same time our fat will loss.this is scientific reason behind the weight training in weight loss period. when we lift heavy weight then we increase our weight lifting capacity and also we loss lot's of water which is holding by don't avoid weight training in weight loss journey .

Not Eating Enough Protein

Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. our body uses protein to build and repair tissues . protein also use to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. we can say protein is doing our 25% work of our body.protein help to every activity of our body. because our body do activity with the help of muscle and muscle need protein to do work.protein is also use in body building and muscle building.  

Now the biggest question is how to know daily protein amount, but don't worry use this link and know your protein amount which you need on daily basis.

protein calculator:

Not calculate daily Eating Calories

Who was diet they are do common mistake. which is they do not calculate daily eating calories. calories is main component in weight loss.who know calories mathematics they  can play with their weight. if you want to loss your weight then decrease your 500-1000cal from daily food. then you can loss up 0.5-1 kg in a week. and if you want to gain weight then increase 500-1000 calories in daily food.

The biggest question and problem is how to calculate  our daily food calories? , but don't worry using this link and  know how many food you need to eat in weight loss period.

calories calculator:

Now how to calculate calories from food. don't worry i will suggest you one app which is help you to calculate food calories which is more helpful in weight loss. the app name is healthiFyMe.  

This is the app which will get you on google play. this app is easy to use and also easy to understand you can calculate your food calories here. 

So these are some common mistakes which peoples doing on daily basis. so don't do this again and avoid as possible. 
Thank you for reading.i will meet you in the next article.