Top 4 Weight loss Drink
Weight Loss Drink

Weight Loss Drink

The global obesity epidemic show new report and according to new report 2 billion peoples are obese out of 7 billion all over the world with increase weight also heart disease increase.

Obesity or overweight become big problem now days. Peoples have not time to spend with their physic this is the main reason.

Some Peoples are to lose fast or weight Tourcher their body and apply different type of diets like ketogenic and detox. 

In this article i will give you some magical drinks which is help you to lose weight fast.
  1. Water
  2. Black coffee
  3. Lemon Honey Warm Water
  4. Green Tea

These are some drinks which is help you to loss your know how it help to loss our weight 


You have heard it at sometimes "drinking more water is good for health". Water help to boast metabolism also it clean body waste.

If you drink lot's of water then body stop retaining water leading to drop extra kg of water weight in body.

TO lose weight fast and natural you should drink four to six liter water in a day. it also recover and improve your digestive system. 

If you want to loss weight you should drink water before eat. Because drinking it before meal can make your stomach full in less food.that is why you amount of food will reduce fill full because water replace calories filled.
In short water has not only one benefits it has complete dictionary of benefits.

Black Coffee

Black coffee is one of the best option for weight loss drink after water.because  Black coffee speed-up weight loss. it break fat cells and help to burn fat.

Black coffee one of the best source to increase metabolism. It increase your metabolism up to 50% . It make your memory fast and fresh the mind.

If you consume coffee before gym then you can see the results. It increase your energy and activity level. when you do workout it release large amount of water which is hold by body is called sweating. After sweating you feel lite and much better also with sweating the weight of water is decrease from body.

Black coffee not only use for weight loss but also it use for many disease. So drink it and lose weight fast. 

Recipe :  
1.boil water .
2.take it in cup.
3.mix black coffee powder.
4.drink it & loss weight.

Lemon Honey Water

Lemon honey water is tasty, easy to make and also it help to improve metabolism. this is also best option for weight loss. 

Lemon is acidic food it help to loss weight and you get natural sugar from see how this work. basically lemon honey water improve digestive system . it detox undigested  food .

when improve your digestive system them automatically improve your metabolism. you know our weight loss procedure is depend on our metabolic rate. 

if you want to see it's effect then drink it with warm water and morning with empty stomach. if you have not honey or lemon you can also try warm lemon water and warm honey water. with uses of this water we will see how it's make or it's recipe. 
Top 4 Weight loss Drink
Metabolism Booster

1.heat water till it making normal warm.
2.Mix lemon juice and honey.
3.ready your weight loss drink.   

Green Tea

We all are know about green tea. because every dietitian suggest green tea in weight loss period. 

green tea is globally know as weight loss product. in 2010 study found that green tea contain caffeine in small amount but it most useful in weight loss. 

Drink 2-3 cup of green tea in a day is sufficient for weight loss. basically it help to increase metabolic tea also natural diuretic. most important thing is drinking green tea regularly it reduce your 19% of body fat. so keep drinking and loss weight.  
  1. Boil water till normal warming don't over boil.
  2. place green tea bag and hold one to two minutes.
  3. enjoy with green tea.
This are the top 4 fat burning magical drinks. drink this drinks and lose weight fast.