Before Going to the article we should know weight loss is not a one day or one month process. This is a long term you have attentions before doing weight loss.

There some best foods which is actually help you to lose your weight fast but for that you have to change your eating habits. before knowing food you should know about the fundamental of weight loss.

If you want to lose weight then you should avoid more eating.because in weight loss food is most important with exercise. because food is affect from inner side body .that is why food is main source to lose weight fast. 

So, let's know about the fundamentals of weight loss. you should always remember in weight loss period which is you have to avoid high fat food , just consume low calories and high protein food. because high protein food help to boost metabolism. and low calories food for decrease your daily calories to loss weight.

If  you want to loss body weight then you have to decrease your daily eating calories.

Now, in this article i will suggest you about some best food which is help you to fast weight loss. so, Without wasting time let's get start  it.

  1. Boiled Chicken
  2. Boiled Egg whites
  3. Green Vegetables
  4. Soy Bean
  5. Fish
  6. Oats
  7. Paneer  
  8. Fruits
  9.  Almonds
  10.  Home Made Food without Sodium / Salt  or less amount of sodium/salt

These are the  10 Best weight loss foods.Now let's know how it's help to loss body weight

Boiled Chicken

Body fat means carbohydrates which is not use by our body in body moments or activities. when our body can't use carbohydrate in moments then body store it as a body fat. Boiled chicken has 1% of carbohydrate. when we eat boiled chicken at weight loss period then only 1% (one percent) of carbohydrates are insert our body. and because of less carbohydrate body use body fat as carbohydrates. there for with in the months our body use lot's of body fat as a carbohydrates to do body moments there for we loss our lot's of body fat. and like that we loss fatty body and insert into healthy life style.

Chicken has 90% (ninety percent) of protein which is help you to boost you metabolism and also increase your muscle size. there for body builders consume lot's of boiled chicken in their diet.  

Boiled Egg Whites

Boiled chicken & Boiled Egg Whites these are the best option to loss weight for Non-vegetarian peoples. Egg white has more protein, less amount of fat, less amount of calories & less amount of carbohydrates.this is also best choice and best option to loss weight.this food is work like boiled chicken which is help to loss weight naturally & fast.when we eat egg whites we get high protein to build muscle and get loss calories to loss weight.


Calories: 17gm, 

Protein: 4gm, 

Trace Carbohydrates,

Fat: 0gm. 

Green Vegetables

In our daily life our parents always say us eat green veggies and stay healthy. they was always right.because green vegetables like spinach, beans, green chilies, broccoli, lady finger etc. because it has protein, fiber, healthy fat etc. which is stay us from problems like weight loss, low nutrition etc. 

Also it has low veggies make our stomach full without extra or more calories which is helping to loss weight with great test. 

Soy Beans

Soy been is also better option for beans also known as high protein is also use in body building or muscle building period. it is also called as low price whey boost metabolism with it's high has low protein and tasty to eat.l

Nutrition (per 100gm of soy beans)



fat:6.4gm (natural fat)


Fish has large amount of omega-3 or fatty acid and lot's of protein there for fish using in weight loss.
Fatty and lean fish both are using in weight loss. and the most important thing is fish oil.most important content. which in using in medicine. it helping us to stay away from disease. we can use it in weigh loss journey. it give you lot's of benefits.

Nutrition (per 100 gm)

calories: 85gm

fat: 0.7gm

carbohydrates: 0gm

protein: 18.5gm


We can use oats in weight loss journey. it is also better option for vegetarian and non-vegetarian can take in break fast. because it gives energy to do working hard.oats are made by wheat there for it has lots of fiber. we can take it with , milk, fruits, honey give you healthy and natural carbs which is helping us to stay energetic.


Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

we all know about paneer. it's make from milk. it is testy to eat and beneficial is use in muscle building and weight loss because it has large amount of protein which is boost our metabolism and build our muscle .some times people apply low protein and low calories diet that is why we loss our muscle ,there for we should include paneer in our diet. 

Now the time is bonus tip for you. to loss weight fastest then use less amount of sodium/ salt, because sodium hold water in our body . when you reduce the use of sodium in your food then body release hold water that is why you loss your weight up to 1-2.5 kg.
Eat food without solium/salt in one day of week.and get result with in 2 weeks.

Apply some tips from above and get result.