In this running world the breakfast is known as very very important meal of the day, to energy for working and body building also. so that is why we need choose right meal for break fast. But don't worry . in this article i will suggest you some best food for breakfast which is very energetic , high protein, high fiber & healthy foods. so let's know about the foods.
Best Breakfast  For Weight Loss
Breakfast - First Meal Of The Day
  1. Fruits
  2. Black coffee/Green Tea
  3. milk
  4. Oats
  5. Boiled Egg Whites
  6. Idli
  7. This are some best foods for let's see


Fruits are very important food in our daily life.because it give us healthy fat, fiber,  protein and low calories  with the wonderful test.

Banana, orange, grapes, apple etc. this are best fruits which is use in weight loss and weight gaining also. because it has healthy fat, protein and also it is low calories fruits. every say eat fruits daily and keep  away from doctor that is the truth.

Fruits are helping us to maintain our physics .daily eating fruits will repair our digestive system which is important thing in all over body. also repair our muscles . fruits are also use in body building diet. we can say fruits is major part of all over diet. 
That is why do not avoid fruits . eat it as possible.

Black Coffee/Green Tea

Black coffee or green tea is best option for weight loss and maintain our's known as weight loss drinks, because it has 0cal.if we drink it after dinner it's help us to digest food fast. also this drinks  are boost metabolism up to 50%.

The best time of drink this drinks is before workout and in the morning with empty stomach.we must drink this 3-4 times in a day, then it's help to loss weight.we can also say it a natural fat burner. 


Milk we all know about it very well.because we are drinking it since childhood.but anyways we will see about it's nutrition.
Best Breakfast  For Weight Loss
Healthy Drink

 Calories 149
 Protein 7.7g
 Fiber 0
 Healthy Fat 8g
 Water 88%
 Sugar 12.2g


Oats is a perfect  meal for break fast. oats is a wheat product. so that is why oats will make high fiber meal also it has sufficient amount of carbs that is why it is energetic food. you can try in different types. like regular oat, oat upma, oat roti, oat omllete, oat dosa etc.  so let's see about it's nutrition.

 Total Fat 1.4g
 saturated fat 0.2g
polyunsaturated fat 0.4g
 Trans fa    0g
 cholesterol   0g
 potassium 61 g
 Total carbohydrate 12g
 Dietary fiber 1.7g
 sugar   0.5g
 Protein 2.4g
 Vitamin A 8%
 calcium    8%

Recipe (for weight loss)

1.take one botcher.
2.insert 11/2 cup of water.
3.insert 1/2 cup of oats
4.boil it up to 5 minutes
5.take it in one bowl and mix any one fruit which you want and eat.

Boiled Egg whites

Boiled egg white are high protein breakfast. this break fast is best for  body builder and weight loss . because it has low calories, 0 fat and lots of protein.which is help to increase our body strength.when you eat complete one egg white then you will get 4 to 5 gm of protein ,17 cal and 0% of fat. 
Best Breakfast  For Weight Loss
High Protein With Low Fat

Idli   (Indian Food)

WHO means world health organization say that is the idli is perfect choice for breakfast.idli is rich in carbohydrates, protein, enzymes, fat, amino acid and fiber. the best point of idli is it does not contain extra saturated fat and cholestrol. 

Best Breakfast  For Weight Loss
India's Healthy Breakfast Suggested By WHO(world health organisation)
So these are some best breakfast for peoples who try to loss weight.try this and  see the result.