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Low Carbs Diet - Easy Way To lose Weight

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Protein Shake recipe - Boost Metabolism

Hey There, In the last article we had covered full day eating up to 2000 calories.In this article we will make protein shake at home which will help you to boost your metabolic rate.
The normal Basal metabolic Rate (BMR) is 1800 calories for men and 1500 calories for can consume this protein shake after will be testy and refreshing so without wasting time let's see the recipe.
Recipe For Protein ShakeIngredient:1.Egg White
4.Cookies or Biscuit
8.Peanut Butter 
Recipe:1.First of all take one mixer pot & fix it on mixer machine. 2.Take two biscuit and place it in pot.If you want then you can replace it with coffee because cookie is just for test. 3.take some oats and place it in pot. 4.start the mixer and make biscuit and oats like  powder. 5.take two or three egg whites and place it in powder of biscuit and oats.start the mixer and make it like a paste. 6.Now the time is banana.take only two small banana and throw it in pot.start t…

2000 Calories Meals To Weight loss

Hey guys , in the last article we have solved some question. In this article we will see full day meal which will be up to 2000 calories. we take 2000 calories because this is the basic need amount of calories in every human we will divide 2000 calories into 3 meals.cause this will be full day of the important thing is this is a weight meals.which have less fat, low carbs and high protein. so let's know .
Meals For Weight Loss (2000 cal )Meal No.1 This is a our breakfast or first meal of the day.which is very very important meal.this will help us to stay active for full this meal we will eat 666 calories.there are best option for breakfast. 1. Egg Whites 2.Poha 3. Idli 4.Fruits 5.Oats 6. Wheat Roti 7.Normal Bread or Brown 🍞 Bread

Eat any food from meal options just take care about calories defisit. Meal No.2 Meal no 2 is another important meal cause to stay energetic in a day. 1. Brown Rice 2.Boiled Chicken 3.Boiled Fish 4.Eggs Meal No.3 1.Brown Rice 2. Vegetable soup 3. …

How Many Steps In a Day To Lose weight ?

Welcome to the , in the last article we have saw our online muscle gain program. which is absolutely free for every one.if you want more information about it or you want to read that course then you can visit our website.
 In this article we will solve some queries & take some common questions related weight loss.for example how many steps in a day to loss weight? how many should i eat ? what is my ideal weight let's go with first question.
1.What is calories ?Calories means One types of energy which we get from food. every food or liquid has calories except water.
2.How many calories should i eat in a single day ?This is also very common question in weight loss, weight gain and muscle gain. how many calories eat it depend on our body structure like height, weight, our daily rooting etc.
there is way to know your calories limit or amount.Calories Calculator .this will help you to know how many calories you need in weight loss and weight gain cli…

Muscle Gain Program - Gain Muscle Fast

In This Program You will Get Know About-
IntroductionNutrition Best Exercise FoodsNatural Tips Introduction             Some times peoples has not money to take personal training,Proteins & supplements to gain weight. In another case they can't afford money for diet & some times they have not knowledge and they want to gain weight fast & natural so for that peoples www.thefitnesstime.comcome with weight gain course which is fully naturally and healthy. This Training course will save your money, time and give you long time results which is fully natural.
NutritionConsume right nutrition in body transformation period is very very important topic.because become exercise our more that half work done by nutrition ,so consume right nutrition.
ProteinProtein is most important ingredient in muscle building.cause it help to increase muscle strength and it's size also. so increase amount of high protein food in your diet.Ex.Egg Whites, boil, chicken, paneer, Fish etc..

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss ?

Peoples has many confusion Between weight loss and fat loss.they think weight loss and fat loss both are same thing . but both are different things.because in weight loss we lost fat with muscles and in fat loss we giving more attention on only fat loss not on muscles let's know about deference between it...

First We Will see weight loss in detail and also we will see some best tips to  loss weight fast & natural.
Weight Loss          First of all weight loss is not same like fat loss.both are different topics.In weight loss we just loss weight including body fat and muscles also.for this you need just decrease your daily eating calories. there is no need to make change in your nutrition .just you have to avoid junk food.that is enough. For Example, Let consider you need 2500 calories on daily basis to maintain your weight.Now For the weight loss you have two choice.first is you should decrease 500 - 1000 calories from your daily eating calories. Another option is you sho…

Weight Loss Training - Natural weight Loss

What will we get in this Training ?IntroductionAbout NutritionCalorie DeficitBiological Process Of Weight LossFood For Weight loss (Veg)Weight loss food (Non-Veg)Weight loss drinksTips For Fast & Natural Weight LossWeight loss benefitsIntroduction Hey guys. back again with good news for we launch we best weight loss course. which is available for all without any cost absolutely free. this course will be fully natural and healthy. In this course you will get some knowledge about nutrition, body transformations procedure, how to increase metabolism, what should be out body fat % , what should be our ideal weight, what should we eat , how to control our body transformation, what is the benefits of weight loss & some tips which will help you to live healthy lifestyle so don't miss this course. so without wasting time let's get start it......
About NutritionIn weight loss journey nutrition is the main part without nutrition our diet or food is incom…